8 Ways to Fix It When You’re Not Receiving Verification Code Texts on Android


how to fix 2fa not working

Here’s what @TwitterSupport tweeted back in November, “We’re looking into the few cases where SMS codes aren’t being delivered”.

An app doesn’t work after you turn on 2-Step Verification

  1. Once the feature has been enabled, it will prompt you to authenticate with your phone to verify you are you.
  2. Once your trusted contact is enrolled, their iPhone can generate a six-digit backup code that should let you log in, even if you’re locked out of your Apple ID.
  3. We don’t recommend using either of these methods for 2FA, but many sites and services will default to phone contact as a means of authentication or account recovery.
  4. Here we show you how, and we tell you what to do if you’ve already lost access to your account.
  5. The problem with this is that it assumes that only the original, honest user could possibly have access to the phone number paired with the text.
  6. There are several ways to add a second factor to an account, and the most accessible option is using an authenticator app.

Please give the code a few minutes to arrive in your email inbox. If there is a transmitting error, it is typically fixed within https://cryptolisting.org/ a short period of time by Epic Games. You’ll receive the code via text message and you need to have an internet connection.

how to fix 2fa not working

WhatsApp gets smarter with Suggested Contacts

They may still be enrolled and might be able to authorize a new login. A new technology, passkeys seek to replace passwords with digital credentials that have built-in 2FA. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is supposed to keep attackers and scammers out of your online accounts, but what if something happens to your second factor? With a little planning, you can reduce that risk and still keep your accounts safe.

You didn’t get a verification code

However, a lot of users are not receiving the code even though they have a valid phone number. Being locked out of your account is frightening, and it can feel like you have to fix it, right now. Instead, take time to evaluate your situation and what tools you have available. “Your best bet is to gather all the resources that you have and hope that you’re actually not locked out,” Hanson said.

how to fix 2fa not working

If that doesn’t help, dig up the recovery codes or backup codes from wherever you stored them. These are the codes that the website provided for you when you were setting up 2FA. If that works, dive into your account settings and re-setup 2FA a second time, so your phone has the correct secret again. If you find that you’re still logged in on a device, you may be able to remove the 2FA option you can no longer access or add a new one that you can. Keep in mind that making changes to your security settings will definitely require reauthorization—probably a password at minimum.

As an added bonus, doing so grants users access to a free emote. The experts we spoke with cautioned that if you do turn on multiple MFA options, it creates more opportunities for an attacker. Be vigilant against phishing attempts, and try to use options that can’t be phished, like passkeys and security keys, if you can.

Security keys are perhaps the most secure method for doing 2FA. Experts we’ve spoken with in the past recommend getting two keys and enrolling both, with one acting as a backup. Some security keys, like our top pick, the Yubico Security Key C NFC, are quite affordable (though less so when you need two of them). Every site and service takes a different approach to 2FA, with different backup options. And we recommend that you set up one of these on your phone now to avoid headaches in the future. Can’t log in to your accounts because you can’t get verification codes?

After you complete the steps, you will continue to receive security access codes when the system detects a security risk. Once you complete the steps, the existing app passwords will be deleted from the account, revoking app access on any device on which you had the account configured. The two-step authentication method is not supported by all platforms and apps, which means that in some cases, you may need to create an app password to access a Microsoft product like Outlook.

For example, if you sign out of your Google Voice app, you might need a verification code to get back in. But, because it’s sent to your Google Voice, you can’t get the code. If you want to set up two-step verification, you will have a relatively painless guide to double-entry accounting to use the Microsoft Authentication app. Once the feature has been enabled, it will prompt you to authenticate with your phone to verify you are you. Text-based authentication doesn’t only fail when someone’s number changes.